Services Offered

  • Stockist of most major pet food brands

  • Stockist of livestock feed and seed

  • Stockist of a large range of supplements 

  • Second hand equestrian tack & attire 

  • Nutrition, health and management consultations

  • Raw material trading

Guided by expertise gained over 20 years of achieving success for clients, we practise with passion and strategic focus on the future.

Bringing Convenience

"Delivering Dreams: Thomas the Van Takes the Lead in Barnyard Feeds' New Venture"

In the bustling world of Barnyard Feeds, where quality meets convenience, our newest addition, Thomas the delivery van, is revolutionising the way you receive your essential goods. 

Out and About 😊

Barnyard Feeds was at the Historic Cathcart Grass Rally.

Fantastic exposure for our growing business!


Feathered Friends

* Parrots eat with their feet

* Budgies have more vertebrae than parrots 

* Parrots can live for over 60 years

* Parrots mate for life 

* Chickens have full colour vision

Furry Friends

* A dog's sense of smell is at least 40x better than ours

* Cats are one of, if not, the most popular pets around the world

* Cats and humans have been associated for almost 10000 years

* Your dog could be left or right pawed

Farm Friends

* Sheep have great memories

* Horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton

* Cows chew about 50 times each minute

* Pigs use grunting to communicate with each other

Household Pets

Dog Food

Wide range of dog food, treats and products

Cat Food

Wide range of cat food, treats and products

Rabbit Food

Wide range of rabbit and rodent feeds, treats and products

Parrot Food

Wide range of parrot food, treats and products

Fish Food

Wide range of fish food


Large Stock

Horse Feed

Wide range of equine feed, fodder and products

Sheep Feed

Wide range of sheep feed, fodder and products 

Poultry Feed

Wide range of poultry feed and products

Dairy and Cattle Feed

Wide range of ruminant feed, fodder and products

Pig Feed

Wide range of pig feed, fodder and products 


Taking a dog named SHARK to the beach is a bad idea

Cat "Don't say a word, they'll blame the dog"

For the best seat in the house, you will have to move the cat

I feel sorry for people who don't have dogs. I hear they have to pick up food they drop on the floor

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